Some Important ICAI Guidelines

  1. CAs can have Facebook page.
  2. A member can share GST updates, mentioning himself as “CA” with individual name, provided the communication is limited to providing updates. Mention of Firm name is not allowed.
  3. The Chartered Accountants and/or Chartered Accountants’ Firms would ensure that their Websites are run on a “pull” model and not a “push” model of the technology to ensure that any person who wishes to locate the Chartered Accountants or Chartered Accountants’ firms would only have access to the information and the information should be provided only on the basis of specific “pull” request.
  4. ICAI Regulations allow listing on suitable search engine However, the field of search should be restricted only to the field of “Chartered Accountants” or “CA” or “Indian CA”, “Indian CPA”, “Indian Chartered Accountant” or any permutation or combination related thereto.